Case IH Farmall 75C

case farmall 75c

The Case IH Farmall 75C has a 4-cylinder diesel engine producing 76 PS (56.7 kW) and has optional two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive models weighing in at 3,962 pounds. This tractor has a Category 2 3-point hitch with a 62-hp PTO. For stability under load, Case Farmall 75C tractors have flexible lower links as standard with telescopic stabilizers and leveling of the right arm turnbuckles. Category II ball joints and oscillating drawbar are standard.

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The Farmall 75C’s hydraulic system features separate hydraulic reservoirs that deliver 7.3 gpm to the steering and 12.5 gpm to the implement. This gives the 75C a nominal lift capacity of 3,664 hitch points (3PH) on the industry standard 24 “behind the link arms, which have easy outward adjustment and are telescopic. Options include up to three knobs from distance.

The Case Farmall 75C utility tractor features an 8-speed forward and 8-speed reverse (8X8) mechanical transmission, with an optional 8×8 or 12×12 shuttle.

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The 75C’s cabin is as good as any in the business. The quality of the fit is first-class, the noise suppression is good, and the visibility through the tinted glass everywhere, including the front of the roof, is first-class. The mechanical suspension cloth operator’s seat was comfortable (an air suspension seat is available), the suspended pedals were right where you thought they should be, and the controls were well marked and ergonomically positioned. The instrumentation is analog: warning lights for the service of the air filter, the alternator, the oil pressure, the fuel sediment / water sensor, the PTO connection, the high beams of the headlights, the low level of fuel and parking brake; and gauges for fuel level, engine temperature, tachometer, and hour meter. They are all in a style that contrasts very well and is quite legible even in bright sunlight. Heating and air conditioning are standard and the vents are well integrated into the console. Other standard features are: retractable sun visor, front windshield wipers and washers, double door locks, double exterior mirror and opening side windows and a folding rear window that opens fully. The steering wheel is adjustable and tiltable.

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Special equipment:

  • Cabin
  • Front hydraulics
  • Front PTO
  • Air brakes
  • ISO Bus
  • Air conditioning
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Case IH loaders are ready to work for you. Choose from the L565, L620, Heavy Duty L630, or Premium L735. Each model comes with your choice of a 72-inch or 84-inch quick-hitch, self-leveling or mechanical bucket, and a standard grate.

  1. L565 charger. 1,940-pound lift capacity, 3,241-pound breakout force, 105-inch maximum lift height.
  2. L620 charger. 2,478lb lift capacity, 3,732lb breakout force, 126 ” maximum lift height.
  3. L630 charger. Lift Capacity 2,632 lbs., Breakout Force 4,455 lbs., Max Lift Height 134 in.
  4. L735 Charger. Lift capacity 2,844 lb, breakout force 2,976 lb, maximum lift height 137 in.

Ruggedly built while maintaining their sleek and comfortable design, Farmall 75C tractors fit:

  • The most demanding livestock tasks
  • Dairy farm
  • Needs of the beef industry
  • Larger Hay Operations
  • Work with heavy loaders
  • Other special applications
  • With a compact heavy-duty frame, these tractors are made for rugged farming, while still offering a comfortable ride.
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Engine power, diesel engine, four-cylinder (classic), engine running at perfectly matched RPM, turbo engine, intercooler, large 24V battery, charging alternator, rather typical lighting, very good PTO, no brake assist emergency, disc brakes, wet work, 2WD, hydrostatic control, timing, power inverter transmission, a large number of forward gears, a large number of reverse gears.

I bought this used tractor with around 150 hours on it. It has done everything I’ve asked of it and is very fuel efficient. Mine is the 2 wheel drive model and I am very happy with it.

I have had this tractor for 3 years, and it is likely to have 2,000 hours by the end of the year. Honestly, this tractor is the economy model, and it was never designed to work the way I’ve used it. I grow 180 acres of row crops with this as my sole tractor for tilling, seeding, and spraying (not to mention the odd jobs). That being said, it is definitely a good tractor to hold up to tough use so well. I have never abused the tractor. I adhere to all maintenance intervals with dealer certified lubricants and filters. There will be no premature mechanical failure if this machine is maintained. The weak points are mostly superficial.

I have been quite happy after 5 months. I have the MDF version and I wonder how we have been able to work on the clay we have. Some minor issues that the dealer has fixed. A couple of electrical issues and the loss of some 3 point hitch bolts that were never properly tightened. The gearshift was a bit sticky at times, but the dealer adjusted the clutch. Compared to our previous 50 year old tractor, this one is great.

So far I am very satisfied with the value, power and features of this tractor. This is currently the largest tractor I operate, and it has ample horsepower for the equipment I use.

Bought a new 2013 Farmall 75c in May and have put a 100 hours on it so far, but this is just the beginning, it will be my main little square baler tractor. It is a 12×12 power shuttle cab tractor and as far as operator comfort is concerned I have been happy with it. I tested tractors of the same horsepower and this was the quietest, the most easily shifting gears, and the one with the largest cab.

If you look up the Nebraska test on the Case IH Farmall 75C it shows a maximum of ~ 68 PTO hp from a rated 74hp engine … that’s a super efficient drivetrain.

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