PTO problem with Farmall 75C

pto problem with farmall 75c Problems

The Farmall 75C (2013 model) has less than 700 hours (it was 500 when I bought it). After running my New Holland 10 foot rotary mower for a couple of hours the PTO stops working. After stopping a few minutes, the power take-off starts working again. The New Holland dealer says the clutch needs to be changed. I spoke to a service manager at a large Nebraska dealership and he said it looked like a high pressure hydraulic leak preventing the PTO from engaging when the fluid heats up and that the PTO clutch is not the problem . Where can I learn about the types of tests to use to identify the real problem?

You would need to have a tractor service manual to know the location of the pressure taps. You would have to check the system supply pressure as well as the PTO clutch pressure. You would also have to check the operation of the solenoid valve. There are several things that could be, it will just require a bit of troubleshooting.

Possibly the rear PTO speed sensor did not work and that caused it to not work at times.

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