Case IH Farmall 75C shuttle shift is too aggressive

case ih farmall 75c shuttle shift is too aggressive Problems

I bought a 2010 Case IH Farmall 75C tractor. Nice little loader but the gear change is too aggressive. It has to be a little slower / smoother when changing direction, it just wobbles and spins the tires. Are there any adjustments that can make the change less aggressive or more gradual? The loader tractor I have is very smooth when changing direction. I’m going to call the service manager where I bought the tractor and ask him, but I’d like to know what I’m talking about before I ask him. Thanks for any help.

Yes, this can be arranged. There is new software that needs to be installed and a calibration procedure performed.

If the technician is going to your farm, do him a favor and have the tractor systems at full operating temperature, which is necessary for the required calibrations after the software update.

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