Can I use the clutch at full rpm Case IH 75C?

can i use the clutch at full rpm case ih 75c Problems

We have a 2010 Case IH 75C (no cab). Before this tractor we had a 2009 one, but it needed a new engine so Case IH took it from us.

Anyway, I can’t find the proper technique for changing this tractor written anywhere in the owner’s manual. Can the investor move at full capacity? Can the “clutch” be used fully? I am referring specifically to when the grass is cut and you want to change direction and return to a narrow place using the clutch, while the mower continues to turn.

Do you have a mechanical inverter or an electrical inverter? If you can change direction without using the clutch, it is a mechanical reverser. If you are a mechanic you have to use the clutch and stop moving or you will be grinding gears.

You can shift into speed, but the kinder you are the longer it will last, just remember that when the shafts are turning in opposite directions, the clutch that joins the two shafts has a higher speed and possibility of wear. these little tractors are good machines, and they will last a long time, but abuse kills those powershuttles they are built to be shifted at high rpm, you will likely notice it shifts rough when cold, and becomes smooth as the temperature rises from the trans.

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