Farmall 75C PTO won’t shut off

farmall 75c pto won t shut off Problems

Bought a new 2013 Farmall 75c in May and have put a 100 hours on it so far, but this is just the beginning, it will be my main small square baler tractor. I already have problems that the dealer doesn’t know what to do with. The PTO does not turn off after prolonged use or it turns off but the instrument panel light still shows that it is on. If I play with it long enough I can get it to turn off, this problem only appears after an hour of use Does anyone else have this kind of problem?

What model of square baler? Has the slip clutch on the small baler been checked lately? The baler slip clutch is designed to slip slightly with each stroke of the plunger. If the slip clutch is not slipping, the tractor PTO clutch may be experiencing baler abuse. I’ve seen rusted slip clutches and they don’t have any slippage. A constant pull on a power bank will not slip the PTO clutch on the tractor, so the clutch will not get hot and difficult to disengage.

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