CIH 75C Low Oil Light On

cih 75c low oil light on Problems

I know many of you don’t like these tractors however I already have one and am looking for some guidance before calling a dealer. I have a 2011 CIH 75C 4×4 with the 12 speed hydraulic shuttle. The yellow low oil light on the dash blinks steadily. The tractor has a recent oil change with a new CIH filter and the oil is up to the full mark on the dipstick. I have used CIH 15w40 motor oil. This problem started before the oil change. This machine is very difficult to navigate and every time it bounces or is not completely level, the problem becomes noticeable. Any idea what’s going on?

I think the light you are talking about is the low pressure steering return light, if it was the engine oil it would be “red” instead of yellow. Depending on the configuration of the tractor, the faulty switch will be on the right side just above the starter motor, or on the left side under the seat, if memory serves me there is an inspection cover next to the seat through which can access the switch. CNH changed the operating pressure of the switch (87395493) your dealer can also print a bulletin on this.

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