Cash IH 75C issues with it priming

cash ih 75c issues with it priming Problems

The boy screwed up and put gasoline in the diesel. No problem, we all learn from our mistakes. He drains the filter and the tank.

We are having problems with priming. We put 3/4 tank of diesel in it. The manual says to bleed the screw for 1 turn and pump until the air is out. That means filling the line and filter before it reaches the screw. We’ve been pumping the rubber prime button for about an hour, between brakes.

Some clue because the manual method is not working. I have thought about pre-filling the filter but it cannot be done because you have to remove the sensor that also empties the filter so there is no way to speed up this process.

The fuel goes from the tank to a glass bowl / line filter to the pre-filter and then to the fuel filter. The primer bulb is above the pre-filter in the bracket to which the pre-filter and fuel filter are mounted. Remove the fuel filter while filling the pre-filter. Once the screw has fuel and there are no air bubbles install the fuel filter and fill it and bleed the fuel line between the fuel filter and the engine.

You should be able to crack the line from the tank and make sure the fuel is reaching the pump. Unscrew filler and start the filters and used a turkey rack to fill them before tightening. Filling the fuel line after the fuel filter. This new tractor obviously has a bad plunger.

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